Good for Container Gardening


Following is a selection of native plants that should do well in your container garden. They are divided into:

“Fillers” – good plants to add mass to your container - nodding wild onion, pussytoes, prairie sedge, prairie smoke, wild geranium, prairie alumroot, wild lupine, and Jacob's ladder.

“Thrillers” – plants with some striking characteristics that will draw attention to your container - lance-leaf coreopsis, purple coneflower, columbine, smooth aster, bur sedge, rattlesnake master, prairie blazing star, foxglove beardtongue, golden Alexanders, little bluestem,and sweet black-eyed Susan.

“Spillers” – plants that will drape a bit over the sides of your container - wild ginger, wild strawberries, and wild petunia.

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