Can I shop at your pop-up shop?
Not this fall. The fall sale is online only.

What is the deadline to place an order?
Midnight on Sunday, September 30, 2018.

Where do I pick up my order?
Casey Farm, 31330 N. Highway 21, Libertyville

When do I pick up my order?
Friday, October 12         9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Saturday, October 13     9 a.m. to noon

Are there any discounts available?
Openlands members receive 10% off all orders. Thank you for your support!

Why do native trees and shrubs matter?  
One of the most important steps you can take to support clean water, rich soil and resilient ecosystems is to add plants to your landscape that are native to northeastern Illinois. Nothing helps soil, water or ecosystems like natives. You'll be delighted with the variety of trees and shrubs to choose from, and many work well in designs ranging from formal to casual. Native trees and shrubs evolved under this climate with these soils – so they're hardy and require little in the way of watering once they’re established. Natives have deep roots that build rich soil. Those roots aid in both water purification and rainwater absorption. And they provide essential food chain links for wildlife.

When should I plant my trees and shrubs?  
The sooner you get your trees and shrubs into the ground, the sooner they can adapt to their new home, establish roots and prepare for winter. October is one of the year's best months for planting trees and shrubs. In fact, arborists favor it! If you’re pressed for time this month, aim to get everything planted by Halloween.  Read our planting tips



Where do these plants come from?
 All are of regional ecotype and nearly all are of local ecotype – this means they are descended from remnant plants that grew right in this area and feature the ancient genetic lineage of this particular landscape. Thus, they carry the genetic adaptations of the plants that were originally growing here. Within an ecotype there is still some genetic variation but the pool of plants reflects the adaptations of our specific local environment.

We are proud to work with these growers: Possibility Place Nursery of Monee, Illinois and Midwest Groundcovers of St. Charles, Illinois. None of the plants were collected from the wild and none contain neonicotinoid pesticides.