Chinquapin Oak - Quercus muehlenbergii


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This unique oak has a very narrow environmental niche in northeastern Illinois. It is found on very shallow soils that overlay limestone. Chinquapin has done well as a street tree because of its tolerance of high pH and drought resistance. Leaves are unusual in that they are not lobed and have serrated teeth along their margin. This tree is one of the faster growing oaks at two feet to as much as four feet per year. However, when the tree grows four feet taller in one year, the next year it takes a time out and grows side branches. Acorns are not messy on this tree. The small, very sweet acorn is highly sought after by wildlife. 
Mature size: 50 - 80' high, 50 - 60' wide 
Location: Sunny with dry soil, sunny with average soil moisture


Photo ©Possibility Place Nursery